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Our Global Strategy

European Business

Our main financial planning focus to win new business in Europe is Assurance and Tax-free Savings. Europeans have a long-term mindset with their investments, as suggested by Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions (the particular dimension being "Long-term vs. Short-term View"), which by default makes them the world's best investors.


Assurance & Tax-free Savings are our main focus points of business execution in Europe. 

Middle Eastern

The Middle East presents a lot of Wealth ManagementCorporate Specialty Insurance Planning opportunities, in particular with regards to Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance for High-Net-Worth professionals in Israel.

Our Middle Eastern Financial Consulting approach is simply to accentuate the militant political instability of the region, with much of the adult working population owning or looking to own an offshore account in a strong currency denomination.

African Business

Africa presents exciting economic opportunities for Corporate & Specialty Insurance business. Especially in countries such as Angola, declaring themselves as open for business, insurance planning for mining and excavation firms becomes one of the top, if not the top income-generating activity on the continent.


Our Product Provider partners who are specialist in the various facets and practical intricacies of mining and excavation, give us the confidence to be part of this "golden" African opportunity.

Asian Business

Asia, in particular Hong Kong, presents many exciting high value business opportunities. From High-Net-Worth freelance photographers to Ultra-High-Net-Worth restaurateurs, we make full utilisation of all the Financial Planning arrows in our quiver. 

Hong Kong being one of our office locations, our aim is to generate new business from this central Asian business location, with all our firm's worth of licensed and accredited ability. 

Pacific Business

Expat Financial Planning has been growing rapidly for Australians and New Zealanders, as their passports are a couple of the most powerful in the world, in that they have a lot of countries and markets they can access for extended periods of time, visa-free.

With this, our long-term strategy is to open an office in Australia within the next few years, in order to establish a physical presence there with prospective clientèle. Business Insurance Planning is a focus of ours with Pacific Expats, as the majority of them tend to be very entrepreneurial and adventurous.

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